Reasons to Organise a Masquerade Part 2

If you consider it for a moment, a masquerade becomes an increasingly good idea in the age of social media, where the social coordinates that used to be established by the unpredictable forces of natural interaction, have become walled gardens of perfectly manicured and strategically pruned social profiles. We know about each other even less than we used to because we’re bamboozled by our Instagram feeds into thinking we know all there really is to know. This lends a prism of preconceptions, and people at social gatherings divide themselves in ways more arbitrary than need be. In which case, the anonymity of masquerade is a perfect tool for mixing things up. For example, if you have a large group of university freshmen, shaking and sweating at the thought of having to participate in “let’s introduce ourselves” types of exercises, you can arrange a masquerade so they can mingle with their peers with a greater margin for social error. Meaning, that the anonymity will prevent the spread of toxic rumors from the start, or at least that’s the sense the masquerade will foster.

Fundraising is a great organizing purpose for a masquerade

Casual masquerades are fun and all, but there are ways to raise it to a new caliber, which you will need if you want to throw a successful masked event for actual adults (sorry freshmen). Fundraising is a great organizing purpose for a masquerade. It’s a common trope of the wealthy to wear jeans and jumpers to blend in. While they’re not fooling anyone, some of the wealthiest individuals are very thorough about their privacy and hiding their wealth and wouldn’t want to be seen in wealthy circles without good reasons. If you have a good reason to throw a fundraiser and would like to attract the secretly wealthy, a masquerade is a beautiful way to do it. Literally, the aesthetic enjoyment of such an event would be exceptional, provided you organize it well. The masquerade of that league should be a proper ball. Invitations should be printed on silky stationery delivered in a wax seal envelope. The sense of exclusivity should be through the roof. Guests should also be given the resources to ease their quest for the right outfit. Places to purchase masks and get outfits should be suggested, maybe even with reservations for tailorings already arranged for the invitee.

The venue must also be on par. A ballroom is a natural choice, with the possible alternatives of gothic style mansions. Modern settings shouldn’t be ruled out but do consult someone with an exceptional taste for these things before you make a booking. Music and lighting should suit the selected venue and the overall theme as well. There should be a program, planning for meals and dancing. Also, an auction is a brilliant fundraising method at a masquerade event, as it provides inconspicuous consumption while making donations more likely.

Whatever the occasion, purpose or thematic niche, it’s important to think things through and create a story around the event. Otherwise, people will just feel silly wearing masks for no reason.

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