How To Make a Cast of Your Own Face

Two things that are important to note from the very beginning. First, this article will be about a cast OF your face, not FOR it. If you feel you need a cast for your face you need to consult your doctor. Second, it is always polite to learn doing something on yourself before you subject anyone else to the process. Luckily, the process isn’t as difficult as it might seem.

To make the face cast you’ll need pretty much the same thing as with any other cast – plaster. Anyone who has ever had a cast (especially guys who had a leg cast) will tell you that hair and plaster don’t mix. Unless you somehow keep the two separate, you’ll cement the hair into the cast, and in the fight between cast and hair the cast always wins. If your hair is long, tie it back as tightly as possible making sure that none of it sticks out randomly. If you are a male and have a beard then you should either shave it, or avoid the casting process altogether. Not only is beard-related trouble unavoidable, but the cast will likely be a mess. To protect your hair from getting plastered, apply a line of silicone around your hairline and attach a piece of plastic wrap around your head as far as your ears. Make sure to cover the ears as well because the edges of the cast will cover them slightly, and if they’re left unwrapped they will cause problems when removing the cast.

face cast

Now it is time to prepare the face. Vaseline or something similar to it is generally the best option for creating a protective layer between the plaster and the skin as it will make removal process easy and will prevent the skin from becoming dry. Special attention should be paid to the eyebrows, they should receive copious amounts of vaseline. If you are a guy, then even a freshly shaven face might be a problem as there will still be a slight stubble left, so don’t skimp on the vaseline there as well. Once your face is all prepared it is time for plastering. What you’ll be using is plaster wrap which should be easily available in either pharmacies or craft stores. The medical kind is virtually identical to the craft store ones so either will do. To start applying the plaster you’ll need a pair of scissors, a glass of slightly warm water for activating the plaster, and a mirror. Begin by cutting the plaster into strips and applying it to your face rubbing the strips to distribute the plaster evenly across the strip. Apply the strips in a way that makes the layer even everywhere. If you want a sturdier cast, feel free to add layers to your desired thickness. Just make sure to be careful of the eyes and not to cover the nostrils. Your body will need unobstructed access to oxygen in order to finish the cast. Once you have applied all the strips you need, just let it dry for a short while. Once the cast is dry, remove it by wiggling it off your face. It should come off easily if well vaselined. Congratulations, now you have a cast of your face.