Month: December 2019

Mask Making For Beginners Part 1

Mask making may not be the most mainstream artform out there, but the possibilities for creative expression within this niche hobby are endless. Some people use it as a way of connecting to their ancient heritage, others enjoy it for the purely aesthetic, and some make specialty masks as theater props. Whatever the source of Read More

How To Make a Cast of Your Own Face

Two things that are important to note from the very beginning. First, this article will be about a cast OF your face, not FOR it. If you feel you need a cast for your face you need to consult your doctor. Second, it is always polite to learn doing something on yourself before you subject Read More

Mask Making For Beginners Part 2

Mastering the clay is important if you want to create a variety of molds. The mold, of course, will not accommodate all of your projects perfectly. If you want to have a mask of a demon with horns or antlers (Hannibal style), then you’ll need to accessorise the mask after the molding process. Nevertheless, it Read More

Masks from Around the World Part 4

Aztek Masks When talking about masks, to ignore South America, and the Aztec culture in particular, would be a huge disservice. If you were to walk into the British museum today and explored the many artifacts it contains, you are certain to encounter some ancient masks. Among those, the most memorable will certainly be the Read More

Masks from Around the World Part 3

African Masks The African continent can give any culture with a history of masks and mask making a run for its money. Particularly the ancient tribes of Sub-Saharan Africa, whose masks made quite an impression on the Europeans that first arrived there. It is likely that if you have a friend who has a mask Read More