Month: September 2019

Brief History of the Sock and Buskin

A mask is not the first thing that comes to mind of a modern person looking to accessorize. Most masks we wear serve a practical purpose – to protect our health or our identity. You’ll notice that most moderns masks are also helmets. Halloween may be a time when exceptions are made and masks are Read More

Reasons to Organise a Masquerade Part 2

If you consider it for a moment, a masquerade becomes an increasingly good idea in the age of social media, where the social coordinates that used to be established by the unpredictable forces of natural interaction, have become walled gardens of perfectly manicured and strategically pruned social profiles. We know about each other even less Read More

Reasons to Organise a Masquerade Part 1

Parties are becoming increasingly predictable these days. You can pretty much imagine the usual suspects on the spot: someone’s house or a large table at a bar, copious amounts of drink, some food, and hopefully good conversation. It’s the conversation that really saves the day, or late evening rather, but it is never guaranteed. This Read More